Diabetes of Elderly People
                   by Mikhail Akhmanov


Chapter 1.   Diabetes mellitus. Basic concepts
        1.1. Functions of some organs
        1.2. Foods and their transformation in the body
        1.3. Pancreas structure and functions. Insulin hormone
             and its purpose
        1.4. Causes of origin of diabetes mellitus
        1.5. History of diabetes mellitus treatment
        1.6. Modern concept of diabetes mellitus treatment
             and control
Chapter 2.   Diet
        2.1. Tales, stories, myths and legends
        2.2. Foods characteristics
        2.3. Vitamins and mineral supplements
        2.4. Weight problems. Diet for overweight patients
        2.5. Diet for patients with normal weight
        2.6. Diabetic tricks
Chapter 3.   Exercise and sports
        3.1. Active life
        3.2. Importance of activity and exercises, their types
             and means of control
        3.3. To win over diabetes
Chapter 4.   Blood glucose lowering agents
        4.1. Blood glucose lowering oral agents
        4.2. Unconventional means and methods of diabetes treatment
        4.3. When one has to switch to insulin
        4.4. Hopes and perspectives
Chapter 5.   Diabetic complications
        5.1. Hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia - high and low blood
        5.2. Chronic complications
Chapter 6.   Diabetes control
        6.1. Blood glucose, urine sugar and cholesterol control
        6.2. Diabetes decompensation
        6.3. Weight and blood pressure control
        6.4. Instructions and help for diabetes patients
Chapter 7.   Psychological problems
        7.1. Stress
        7.2. Overcoming of psychological problems